Tuesday, August 21, 2012

oh happy day

Quiet Sundays are the best. 
I had to work all day this past Saturday, so having a relaxing Sunday was especially nice. Kevin and I went to church, and then out to lunch just the two of us. This rarely happens, because we usually go to lunch with friends. But it was nice to have some time alone and eat good food!
We spent the evening at home watching a Steelers pre-season game (we won!). Watching football on TV is a sweet reminder that Fall is just around the corner. I'm already getting excited for scarves & hot cocoa, and super excited about the fact that I bought a cardigan today!
Yeah- I'm that old lady.
Oh, and sorry for the abundance of puppy pictures. I'm also that annoying lady who treats her dogs like children. Who else would I buy that adorable mini Roethlisberger jersey for other than my Chihuahua? 
She is a true fan :)

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  1. dogs in t-shirts are pretty much my favorite thing. And scarves and hot cocoa?? me toooooo!!