Saturday, September 1, 2012

life this week..

I seriously considered deleting my facbeook account. Living on the edge, ya know. (for the 90% of you who came here via facebook, you know I didn't have the nerve the carry through. Maybe next time.)

We got some rain & wind from good 'ole Isaac. Nothing too crazy, though.


My 18 year old sister got onto me for not being registered to vote in Mississippi. Oops..

We went to a fun surprise party for my boss.


We had to go to one of my least favorite places on the planet;the grocery store.

Kevin stocked up on donuts, soda, and nutter butter bars.
I wondered for the thousandth time how he's so skinny..


We had a concert night at church.

I took sneaky pictures while I probably should have been singing. Oops again..


And now it's Friday! Are the weeks running together for anyone else? Time seems to be going crazy fast for us. I'm thankful for these little snippets to help me remember things by.

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  1. Concert night seems fun!

    Julie @ Naptime Review