Monday, October 1, 2012

apartment dreamin'

This past week, I have been really excited about the thought of a new apartment. I don't know where that new apartment will be exactly, or when we'll find it- but I know it's coming! I told Kevin that my dream future apartment has wooden floors, white walls, & big windows. 
We decided that some of our furniture won't be making this next move with us, which I am extremely excited about! I'm pretty sure I've mentioned here before my deep hatred for our current couch & love seat. I'll be so happy to say goodbye to them and hopefully get a nice neutral sofa for our new place. This decision has got my wheels turning about new furniture, arrangement, decor, etc, etc, ECT!
So whats a girl to do but spend hours on Pinterest gathering ideas & inspiration, right?! Here's what I have so far;
I seem to be drawn to neutral toned walls with big & bold accents thrown together. Sort of an eclectic mix, I guess you could say. I also love the idea of exposed cabinets in the kitchen, no matter how unpractical they may be.
And gallery walls! Apparently I'm into gallery walls too. Who knew?

But even if our future home doesn't meet all of my expectations, I like to work with what we have. & I'm so excited to have a new place to call home.

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