Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Sometimes, after a long Tuesday at work, I like to have a good laugh alone in front of my phone or computer.
(Doesn't everyone?)
And funny things are only good when shared, right? So- here ya go! Silly little things that are making me laugh tonight.
Over the weekend I discovered the best phone app of all time.
It takes a picture of 2 people and swaps their faces! Who are the genius' that come up with this stuff? It's called Face Juggler, and it's free!! I literally played on this for nearly an hour. Here are a few of my favorite face juggles;

Baby one is definitely my favorite!
Another favorite funny thing of mine are these ecards. They are so hysterical and so true!

And then, this. Because I laughed for a solid 10 minutes after I first found it.
That poor kid. He was probably just trying to act like Spider Man on that wall..
Hope you had a good laugh or too :)
Goodnight friends!!


  1. I love those e-cards too, some are just so hilarious! My favourite says, "Men will never know the anguish of child birth, menstrual cramps or taking off glitter nail polish."

  2. Hahaha This just made my night !!!