Monday, October 8, 2012

on my own

Kevin just got back in town from a few days at a conference. He goes on these quite often and I'm used to it by now. Even though I'm always sad to see him leave, I do enjoy a few days by myself now and then.
I've never been extremely extroverted, just kind of teetering on the fence between an intro and extro.
When Kevin was away this time it was just mostly me and the dogs, with the exception of a movie with a work friend. It gave me time to do things around the house, with even some time for crafting and rearranging!
But it's the best feeling when he gets home late at night, and shares the details of his trip. He also gets to listen to anything he missed while he was gone (which usually isn't much). More like; "Hey, look! I spray painted this! Doesn't it look so much better?!" Or, "Don't you like how I moved the stool from that wall to this wall? Great, huh?"
So, this is what I do when my husband is away. Spray paint things and move stools around. (And then blog about it.)
Yeah, maybe I am a bit more introverted than I originally let on..

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