Friday, October 19, 2012


verb (used with object), sim·pli·fied, sim·pli·fy·ing. to make less complex or complicated; make plainer or easier.

Lately I've been trying to simplify things in the Chase home.
It's so easy for things to get cluttered; and if there's one thing I hate, it's clutter.

For me, it's clothes, jewelry, and little knick nacks.
For Kevin, it's books, papers, and random things he finds outside. (crazy outdoorsman!)

Even in our little apartment for 2, it's crazy how things find a home with us and never leave! It's our own fault for being so quick to pick something up at a thrift store or flea market and take it home with us.
I'm also really bad at throwing things away. I mean, surely I'll find some use for that thing about 2 days after I toss it in the garbage, right?

But we're simplifying. 
I want to get rid of anything that I can answer "no" to these 2 questions.
1.) Do we use it?
2.) Is it pretty?

Good bye!

So we, along with some friends are having a yard sale next weekend!
Want to buy my useless/ugly stuff?
Heck, I'll probably end up giving half of it away :)

Wish me luck on this quest to simplify!

1 comment:

  1. Your criteria questions crack me up!

    Normally people say "Do I use it, do I love it, does it make me money?"

    Not Lindsey - "Is it pretty?"

    You go girl!