Tuesday, October 9, 2012

so long, summer

A common saying here in Mississippi (which I've caught on to) for this time of year is; "It's Fall, ya'll."
Yep. It sure is.
When I told Kevin about this saying he totally didn't believe me! Like I wanted him to go around saying "It's fall, ya'll!" and make a fool of himself. But he wouldn't have been a fool because everyone says it!

Point of the story; it is fall, and quite a catchy saying if I do say so.

But really! It seems like just this week, we've gone from summer to autumn.
(last week it was in the 80's here)
And I keep having to remind myself that it's October. Where is the time going?!

But here in the Chase household we are embracing fall with everything we've got.
This includes;
plenty of flannel
coffee numerous times a day
fall-ish desserts like pumpkin roll
warm, fuzzy socks
candy corn
& taking the dogs on long, brisk walks

What has you getting in the autumn spirit?

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