Tuesday, October 16, 2012

what's a cowbell?

In the south I've come to learn that college football is king.
Growing up, my family never cared too much about sports at all. If anything, we'd follow the NFL, but never college sports.
Heck; I didn't even know what the SEC was up until 2 years ago when Kevin and I moved into the heart of it!
So this was a new thing for the 2 of us.
Kevin and I went to one football game last fall, and I thought that would be our first and last MSU game.
But this past Saturday, friends of ours offered us tickets to the game that night against Tennessee.
I was tired from a long day at work, but I knew we couldn't pass their offer  up. It ended up being an awesome game. Mississippi State came out on top is now 6-0 for the season!

I posted the first picture on Facebook with the caption; "braving the crowds & the cowbells!"
To explain to my non-MSU readers, Mississippi State has a tradition where everyone brings a 'cowbell' to the stadium to ring during exciting parts of the game. It sounds cute and all, but put 50,00+ of those bad boys together and the sound is deafening!

I just think traditions like that are so cool.
Who knows, maybe I'll end up with a cowbell of my own before we leave here.

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