Friday, November 9, 2012


On my day off this week I began the overwhelming task of packing up our apartment.
When I posted this picture, I got such a mixed response from everyone.
My PA friends were happy and excited and leaving lots of  ":)" and "!!!!"
And then my MS friends were much more sad and upset than I had ever imagined they might be.
When people ask how I feel about moving back home I tend to use the word "bittersweet." 
I am extremely excited at the thought of moving back just in time for the holidays. To be able to see my whole family for Christmas and New Years, and to start back at school in the Spring.
But when I think of saying goodbye to so many sweet friends we've made over the past 2 years, my heart sinks.

Goodbyes are the worst.
And change is never easy.
Especially big change.

Last night we stayed at church a bit late to help clean up after youth group. Nearly everyone had left and I stood alone in the lobby. I remembered almost 2 years before when we walked through the church doors for the first time.
I had no idea what a special place in my heart it would soon hold, and all of the people who would soon become our dear friends.
I thank God for them daily, because I really don't know how I would've made it this long without them.
But every good thing must come to an end, right?
This turning of a page, onto the next chapter will be a great thing for us.
I do believe that.

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  1. Just found you from a link up! Packing is hard, but it's going to be so nice to be close to family during the holidays!