Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I first want to apologize for the lousy photo. Thanks, iphone camera..
But really, where to begin?
Kevin has been out of town for a conference, and left me home alone. After a long day of work on Saturday me and a friend decided to go see a movie.
Simple enough, right?

As soon as I slammed the door behind us on the way out I realized my keys were on the wrong side of that door.
Kevin wasn't here to save me, and the only other person with a key to our apartment was also out of town (as fate would have it).
So instead of calling our landlord like a normal person, I took matters into my own hands. This picture shows me climbing up our balcony to try to break in. I am actually quite impressed by my own stride. I have climbed a few rock walls, thanks to Kevin, can ya tell? :)
But no matter my impressive climbing skills, because as fate would have it again (fate was not on my side that night) our balcony door which is never locked, was indeed locked.
Major Fail.

So I placed that call that no one ever wants to place.
Our landlord showed up in 15 minutes and became my lifesaver.
(Thanks, Bill!)

So now you see what happens to me when my husband leaves for only a few short days..I come completely unglued!
Anticipating tomorrow night for his return home :)
(And keeping my keys in hand until then)


  1. bahaha at least you got a fabulous pic out of it ;)

  2. Oh no!! But hey, I give you an A for effort!