Friday, February 1, 2013

90's children

Today, I'm joining thriftary to share some childhood photos! Awkward/uncomfortable/and totally embarrassing. I nailed it, right? & since most of my childhood pictures include my sister, we can call this one sister edition.

From these 2 incredible pictures I realize some things about my childhood.
1. Extra large t-shirts seemed to be my go-to outfit of choice.
2. My sis and I really did have the exact same haircut (courtesy of Mom).
3. That thing on my head, if you can call it a 'bow', is terrible.
4. AND I can make eating a popsicle look super awkward.

On a side note, Morgan & I didn't really like to wear pants. But who does, really? If wearing a baggy t-shirt around everywhere with nothing underneath were socially acceptable don't you think the world might be a happier place?
I think so..


  1. I totally had the same Minnie mouse nightgown! Sadly I did not have those killer shades.


  2. ha! These are hilarious! Totally ahead of your time with those cool sunnies!

  3. Hahaha Oh my gosh! This. is. amazing. Thanks for linking up!!!