Tuesday, February 26, 2013

a cluttered mess

I thought I'd give ya a little peak at what my kitchen table has been looking like lately.
Papers, forms, & dead valentines day flowers galore!
Between school, getting a new job, tax season, & trying to move to another country it feels like all I do is fill out paperwork anymore. (definitely not complaining though, because all the things I just listed are super awesome).
So, sorry I've been a little scarce over here in blogland lately, but these forms aren't going to fill themselves out! (although, could someone please invent a machine to do that?)
I fell asleep watching the Oscars last night. Not because they were boring and terrible but because I was just that tired (or maybe old)
It did make me feel a bit old this year because I'd actually seen most of movies nominated. When I was younger I'd just watch the red carpet segment and then turn it off before the ceremony even started. Now I really wanted to see & cared about who won what. Funny how things like that change :)
Anywho, I did enjoy the first half of the show. Before my eyelids got heavy and I started to fade. Did you watch the Oscars this year?
Any favorite dresses/speeches/winners?

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