Friday, February 22, 2013

everyday happiness

//just little happenings and phone pictures from this week.
exploring my parents backyards/woodsy area with the dogs
a warm fireplace
kitty love
snow covered trees
a little patch of sunlight coming through the window

Is it crazy to anyone else that today is already Thursday? yikes! I keep reminding myself not to wish time away, but it's hard not to be stoked with how quick February is shuffling by.
And I am thankful! because by the end of February I feel like winter is just a rude guest who has overstayed their welcome.
bring on the flowers and sunshine and riding with the windows down, please & thankyou :)


  1. I agree it's time for spring, it's hard not to wish for it too speed up and get here.


  2. your pictures make me smile. i love exploring, i love warm fireplace. and of course, i love the the ray fo sunlight that's peeked through the window in the morning :)