Tuesday, February 5, 2013

littlea this/littlea that


Could someone tell me just what exactly happened to January? Not really that I'm sad to see her go, but really? That was crazy fast.
The last week or two have been lots of school work & readings, skype convo's with Kevin, and enjoying some of the things posted above. It's been a bit exhausting, this ole week. Kevin and I have been forced to think about the future (such a drag, isn't it?) and make some big decisions. More on all that later though..
If you haven’t read Mindy Kaling's book & like to laugh so hard you make awkward noises in public, I'd recommend picking it up. If you're not a fan of making awkward noises in public you can always read it in the privacy of your home. It's just as funny either way, I promise.
And that sweet little arrow necklace? $3.50 at forever 21! Its just the cutest thing ever and I like to tell people it only cost $3.50. If you can buy an awesome necklace for the same price as 1 gallon of gas, I think it's a pretty obvious choice.

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