Sunday, March 10, 2013

saturn the storm

This week we were supposed to get a massive 'blizzard' in these parts. I think they actually gave the winter storm a name. Saturn? Other than having the worst name ever, Saturn was also the lamest storm of all time. We ended up with about 4 inches of wet, sloppy snow. Not to complain, because I never wanted to meet Saturn anways. And snow that melts off the driveway by mid-day without me having to bust out a shovel is the very best kind, so for that Saturn, I thank you.
Anyways, my sister and I took advantage of an afternoon off and the last remnants of snow to try a new sport. Snow boarding! (which a friend pointed out to me is "sooo 1996") But we'd never been before and decided to give it a go.
2 days later every muscle in my body is screaming at me with regret. hahah
This photo was obviously taken before we had even strapped the boards to our feet. Look how happy we were! Happy and a little bit naive..
It was fun though, and our 'teachers' said we didn't do nearly as bad as most first timers. (I'd really like to know if anyone could do worse than me, but will accept compliment).
So, thanks Saturn, for a day off of school/work and the drive to do something adventurous. I'd say it was worth it.


  1. reading all these blogs, where most of you have a bad snow, i think i'm lucky to live in a tropical country. i wish you get some sunshine soon. and have a great weekend

    1. Yes, you're very lucky!! :) enjoy the sun!