Wednesday, March 6, 2013

spring wear

Can you tell I'm ready for it? Now we're just going to dismiss the fact that it's supposed to snow 6-10 whole inches here tomorrow.
It's March. That means Spring. Say it with me; Spa-riiinngggg!
These are a few little Pinterest finds.
Style is a funny thing, isn't it? I feel like mine changes by the minute. There is no way I'd wear some of the things I had on just 6 months ago. Heck, I look at pictures from 2 weeks ago and wonder, "what I was thinking..?"
But I know this; the day I can venture out with not even a light jacket will be a happy day. I hope that day is just around the corner! :)


  1. Hell yeah I am so ready for spring! I love all the jean and chambray.

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