Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a love letter, of sorts

Dear New Zealand,
we met exactly 2 weeks and 4 days ago.
2 weeks  and 4 days seems like not long at all, but also like an eternity.
I have discovered some lovely things about you. Things that I adore and treasure and might be quite sad to ever lose. How did I live without these things just over 2 weeks and 4 days ago?

I love how obsessed you are with tea. I've always known tea was great, but you take it to the next level. Morning tea, afternoon tea, before bed tea; they're all wonderful! And these tea kettles which boil water in just a minute or two-- how convenient! I love it all.

I love your cute little words for things. Like 'trolleys' instead of grocery carts, 'cuddles' instead of hugs, and the excessive use of the word 'wee' for small. It's just plain adorable, and I hope to catch on to these little phrases and adapt my vocabulary accordingly.

Another of my favorite things are the little heaters that are in everyone's bathroom, handily positioned right above or near the shower. It's wonderful to step out into a stream of hot air right away. Why doesn't every bathroom in the world have a little heater like this?! I'll never know.

Your money is quite handy as well. Having $1 and $2 coins means my change is actually worth something, and I do love to pay for things in all change :)

And just like most people who had visited you before predicted; your ice cream rocks. Like; majorly. Is an all-dairy diet a thing? Lets make it a thing.

So thanks, New Zealand, for welcoming 2 newbie Yanks to your world. We've met some lovely people, taken in some gorgeous views, and have had some of the best avocado's and wine ever to be tasted. We can't wait to see what more you have to offer, and get to know you even better in the coming months & years!

Love always,


  1. i always fancy NZ. the nature, the view are oh-so-breath-taking.
    glad that you love it there

  2. oh wow, looks like you are having an amazing time! These photos are absolutely gorgeous.