Saturday, August 31, 2013

the cottage

Everyone who knew anything about Christchurch NZ warned us before moving here.
They told us how difficult the housing market is right now, and that even renting a small space would be super expensive. We tried to not get discouraged by the lack of options when we'd look online from the states, but it was tough! Even the dingiest and smallest of apartments was still way over our price range. We'd tossed around the idea of communal living-but that's quite a gamble.
So we just waited.
And within about a week of arriving we saw this little gem pop up online looking for tenants.
It's tiny; yes, literally the size of a small studio.
But it has quite the charm, and supplies us with everything we need--a bed, a roof, a bathroom with running (ok, sometime trickling) water, and even an adorable little front porch- bench included.
We moved in last week and have spent some time making it our own. It's not finished yet, but we love it already. It's conveniently located near a bus stop and pretty much the best Thai take out place ever.
What's not to love?


  1. Looks sweet! I like that big cactus around the corner from the porch! Blessings! Linda

  2. the cottage looks so lovely. with a garden and and it's in NZ, it gives you all you need and that's really it. glad that you got your home! i'm in a moving process myself and finding the 'right' place could be such a tricky game, apparently.