Monday, September 23, 2013

seals at Kaikoura

For my birthday weekend Kevin and I along with some friends went on a weekend trip to a town a few hours north of us called Kaikoura. It is known for it's gorgeous views of the southern alps right on the pacific ocean, and it's wildlife!

I've made it my goal since arriving in NZ to get up close and personal with as many baby animals as possible. Forget the full grown ones, I want the cute, little, furry baby versions of everything! Lambs, ducklings, penguins, even boring old cows, which we have by the thousands back home. So when our friends suggested we visit a seal pup colony I was all for it. And it turns out, adult seals are just as adorable as the little ones!

I took way too many pictures, but how could you not?
It was definitely worth the drive, and made my birthday one for the books. And if I had come up with a way to take one home with me it would've been perfect. :)

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  1. aw, I think seals are just the cutest little things. I've never been able to get that close though, these photos are wonderful