Friday, February 28, 2014

day in Narnia

One of my favorite days in New Zealand happened a few months ago when Kevin and I drove to a place called Castle Hill. We camped on a Friday night and explored all day on Saturday. Castle Hill was used for filming in the first Chronicle of Narnia movie, and I could totally see why. While we were hiking around it felt like we really were in another world!

There were giant boulders and rock formations that stretched as far as you could see. The rocks form mazes and pathways and even little caves we had to crawl to see inside of. You'd think a place like this would be swarmed with tourists, but other than a few rock climbers off doing their thing Kevin and I were the only people there. We spent hours hiking and climbing the rocks. And the views looking down from the top are beautiful. Green pastures dotted with sheep and a twisty creek that winds through.

After looking at these pictures again I'm starting to plan a return trip already..

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