Saturday, March 15, 2014

sea glass

A few weeks ago a friend and I spent the morning at a small beach nearby. The weather here is always so hit or miss, and even though it was cloudy we decided to see what the day might bring on the coast. As it turned out, the sun made an appearance after an hour or so and granted us a lovely morning by the shore.

This beach in particular was half sand half pebbles with hot pools bubbling up in certain areas surrounded by rocks. It was beautiful, and of course I should have taken my camera but didn't! But the thing I did bring back from that day was a paper bag full of sea glass.

It started with the spotting of a large blue piece (on the right in that picture) and starting us on a little hunt to see what other bits we could find. The pictures shows just a few out of the handfuls we both left with that day. We had so much fun collecting! I've never been much of an ocean swimmer, and the water here is usually to cold to go in past your knees. But walking the shoreline scanning the sand and rocks searching for a glistening little treasure was the best.

I brought all the glass I found back home and arranged it in a jar. I love how something that was once discarded trash becomes so pretty and unique after being tossed by the waves. I'm hoping to go out again and find more to add to my collection!

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