Wednesday, October 29, 2014

sister stay

Over the past four weeks that sweet little blonde thing (aka baby sister) has stayed with us getting her fill of all things New Zealand. It was so awesome to show this beautiful new home of ours to a family member. Erica is 18, and always up to do anything at a moments notice. While she was here we took a few road trips, soaked in some hot pools, bungee jumped! (she alone can own this), and hiked/swam through a cave stream with headlamps and plenty of spiders for company.

Her stay provided an excuse to do things a bit out of the norm for us. Thai, Indian, & Vietnamese take out all in one week? Well, we really had to because it was Erica's first time trying these delicious cuisines! Sitting on the beach at 11pm with a bottle of wine? Well naturally, since Pennsylvania isn't close to the ocean and wine is off limits to her for another 3 years!

So, Erica was the cause of many fun and spontaneous things that took place over the last month. And now that she's gone, it's much too quiet around here. In moments of boredom I find myself thinking, 'What would my 18 year old sister do?'
I might just have to go bungee jumping..

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