Wednesday, November 19, 2014


making: plans. for the weekend. for christmas. for my life.
drinking: green tea. I hear it's good for you.
wanting: inspiration.
watching: the walking dead (on a suuuuper sketch website that I'm fairly certain is illegal.)
listening: avett bros (oldies) and--judge me, taylor swifts new stuff
eating: thai take out and grapes.
smelling: outside air seeping in.
wishing: to teleport home for thanksgiving next week.
enjoying: warmer nights around these parts.
hoping: to breakout some new stationary tomorrow and pen a few letters.
needing: peoples addresses for mailing letters.
feeling: content.
wearing: bed clothes. big baggy comfy.
bookmarking: oscar wildes the picture of dorian gray. 

sorry this is pretty lame and uninspiring. see above how I'm wanting inspiration? yeah, my tank is running on E. I usually find inspiration in all kinds of places. from conversations with friends, to music and books, to old pictures which conjure up memories. but I've been lacking lately in this department and need to get the juices flowing again.
if you've got any to spare send it my way. until then I'll just keep writing lists and humming taylor swift.

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