Thursday, October 6, 2016

hello from the midwest

The first time Kevin or I had ever stepped foot in Minnesota was last summer. We road tripped out to the twin cities for our anniversary and to get a feel for the place we were considering moving to next. I remember walking around the University's campus when not many people were around, but still feeling in awe of it. The massive stone buildings with columns for days. It feels very scholarly. The real deal. I remembered that feeling this morning as I walked past the columns on my way to class.

Being a 26 year old college undergrad is weird. I'm a little too old to have a lot in common with the other students, but still too young to relate to the professors. But I'm okay with that. I'm just enjoying the novelty of being a student again. To consider learning my job. That is a privilege I do not take for granted, because I have wanted it for some time.

The photo is of my favourite little corner of our apartment. The window lets a lot of light in and I have proudly kept those plants alive for almost 2 whole months(!!). The place is new and tidy, but filled with things from our previous homes and travels. It's just right.

October is here, and she brought the cool air with her. It's safe to say we are very nervous for winter. People drive on frozen ponds here. Like, drive their giant SUV's across frozen lakes and it's perfectly safe and normal and not a big deal. And the reason they drive out onto the lake is to go ice fishing. What is this craziness?? Trust me, I have many questions and very few answers.

Details on ice fishing (which I will not be doing, but something tell me Kevin will) and winter hibernation to come.