Saturday, February 4, 2012

to do;

So lately I've been coming across these lists & pictures on pinterest of things that people want to do before they die.
Have you seen these things?
Its really interesting to look through and see what some people truly aspire to do with their lives. Some of them are super lame. Like, 'Meet Zac Efron.' or 'Wear a Disney princess dress to my wedding.' My personal favorite was; 'Have someone I love make me a heart shaped pizza.' I'm not making this stuff up, people! There is a whole website dedicated to the fine art of bucket-listing.
I made my own board on pinterest involving these things, but I only included ones I have already done, or things I have already accomplished. 
Some of them include;
Go snorkeling.
Visit ground zero
Hold a lion cub.
Meet someone famous.
Rescue an animal.
Take a yoga class.
Go on safari.

Check, Check, & Check!

But it got me thinking about my current bucket list and all I have yet to check off. I don't have a timeline for any of these things, nor do I really have any agenda as to how or when I will accomplish them. But I think its good to set goals and I'm hoping that if I read over this list in a few years I can say, "oh! I did that!" Check.

Bucket list
Be part of a flash mob
Publish something I’ve written
Create a piece of art
Sell something on etsy
Go snowboarding
Make a delicious stew
Take a cross country road trip
Go to a movie by myself
Be in all of my sister’s weddings
Take a dance class
Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Pay for the person’s toll behind me
Get on a 1-way plane ride
Sail a boat
Meet and hug Liam Neeson (I was serious about this!!)
Make a wax candle
Read 10 of the 100 best novels by the NY times (have read 3)
Knit something of use (a zig-zaggy jumble of yarn does not count!)
Have an underwater photo session
Paint each toe a different color
Buy/live in an RV
Mail a friend a spontaneous letter/gift
Go to a Steelers game
Learn photoshop
Enroll in a sign language class (again)
Visit every State
Make up my own recipe
Sing at a karaoke club
Go camping in the redwoods
Play an awesome prank on someone
Swim with dolphins
I'd like to think mine are a tad better than Zac Efron & heart shaped pizzas, no? ;)

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