Sunday, August 19, 2012

trophy blog

My friend Stephen gave me the honor of my first ever blog award! Does that mean I actually have a legit blog now?  .. I may have to step my game up.
No matter, because along with Stephens award came 11 facts I must write about myself and 11 questions he wrote for me.
Lets begin!
1. My toenails are never not painted. They look naked without polish!

2. Friends is my favorite TV show. I have the 10 season box set on DVD.

3. We own hideous living room furniture. We bought it all off an old couple who were retiring to Florida on the cheap. Even though it's nice, its pretty terrible looking. Red couches with golden floral stitching. I'd post a picture if I wasn't so embarrassed :)

4.No one can ever tell me and my sisters apart.

5. I love sweet potatoes! Could eat one every day 

6. I've been pretty obsessive about watching that TLC show Sister Wives lately. Yeah..that's embarrassing. 

7. My only other guilty pleasure TV show is the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I got obsessed this past season with Emily. Yeah, I picked Jef (one F) after about 4 weeks and even though the show ended months ago I'm still obsessing over this cute couple. Seriously! I told my co-workers the other day; "Sometimes I find myself wondering what Jef and Emily are doing right now.." They just stared awkwardly at me. Rightly so.

8. I'm sorry #7 was so long and terrible. I'm embarrassed. But not enough to change it.

9. I've never had a cavity! Thanks, Dad for the good teeth.

10. My favorite household chore is vacuuming & my least favorite is scooping the liter box.

11. Kevin has gotten me to try a lot of new foods since we've been married, and now going out for sushi is one of my favorite dates!

Ok, and now on to the questions Stephen asked me to answer.
Are you bored with me yet?

1. What is the least used appliance in your kitchen?
Such a funny question! Probably our toaster oven.. I don't use that enough.
2. What is your favourite part of your home-town?
My hometown is Gettysburg PA, and I didn't learn to appreciate it until I moved away. I love the history surrounding Gettysburg. I used to work in the oldest house in Gettysburg (built in 1776!) that was renovated into a restaurant. Very cool stuff.

3. Favorite flavour of ice cream?
Any and all. I'm not picky :)

4. What made you want to start blogging?
I used to work at a job where I sat behind a desk for 40hrs a week. I got bored a lot and found myself reading a few blogs here and there. I guess I thought I'd just jump in and join them! It's also a great way for us to keep our far away friends up to date on life.

5. Favourite Fall activity?
Fall is my favorite season! I love it so much. Lets see, hot apple cider, boots, scarves, crunching on leaves, and hot stew are a few of my favorites in Fall.

6. Favourite place to curl up with a good book?
There's something about reading in a bookstore. I think it's being surrounded with a bunch of other books, but also a hot beverage doesn't hurt the situation.

7. Best movie ever?
Yikes! There are so many movies that I love love LOVE! I'd have to say my favorite that I can watch without fail is The Lion King. My mom took me and my sister to see it in the drive ins when it first opened. Then I got to see Lion King on Broadway in New York when I was in high school. It was beyond incredible!!

8. Vanilla or Chocolate?
Chocolate. All. The. Way!

9. Dogs or Cats?
I used to say neither! But I have become more of an animal person. I have to say dogs over cats. I love our cat, but I feel like she's the only cool one out there. In general dogs are cooler.

10. Last place you took a road trip to?
In June we took a road trip home!

11. Current favorite song or album?
My main source of music is Pandora. Right now I love the Chris Quilala station for worship or Florence and the Machine.

So I hope this wasn't the worst post you've ever read! I feel quite boring answering questions about myself. But thanks again, Stephen for the award! I am honored to anyone who reads this 'ole thing :)
Hope you all are having a great weekend!
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