Saturday, September 8, 2012

my old list of goals

The other night I pulled a random notebook off a shelve for a piece of paper. When I flipped it open this is what I found;
A list of goals I had written way back when, for the year 2011.
I quickly scanned the list (it had 8 things on it) and realized I had done all but one of them in 2011! The list included; Go on a missions trip with our church, which we did last Fall.. Also, to go home during the Summer, visit my old place of employment, decide on a definite career path, and work with kids somehow. All things I have done or decided on last year.
The only one on the list which I did not do in 2011 was go back to school. That is a little discouraging, but knowing that I am taking classes next semester almost makes up for it. It reminds me that everything will happen in its own time.
But finding this list makes me sad that I didn't write a list for 2012, and now with it being September it seems a little late to come up with goals.
However, something that I saw another blogger do really intrigued me and I think I might follow suit. She wrote a list of the things they wanted to do in the last few months before her and her husband moved back to the States from Hawaii. Ok, so we're not in Hawaii, but there are some cool things I want to do in Mississippi before we move back North in December. So be on the look out for a list thats bound to include things like BBQ, trips to Southern towns & maybe even a football game.
Have you ever written out yearly goals? I'd love to do it again for 2013 and hopefully accomplish everything on the list!
Happy Friday!


  1. The list will say: spend all the time we can with Cole and Jessica. End of list.

  2. That is a great idea for a list! I made a list of all the things I did while we lived in TX (which was just 15 short months) and I loved it. I love lists. I got the idea from another blogger, because let's face it, I'm anything but creative. But she suggested taking any significant period of time and making a list of all the things that you've done. It's really quite fun to do! You could do it for the first 8 months of 2012 :)

  3. This is an awesome idea! Funnily enough, I live in Hawaii :) I think i'm going to make a list of goals for myself too ... hopefully it will motivate me to get things done!

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  4. I've always kind of rejected the idea of resolutions for the year. I guess because I don't want to be disappointed in myself! But a short list of reasonable goals seems like a good idea ... Something to keep you motivated. :) I like it!

  5. I do the opposite, I make a list of accomplishments for the year and then each year compare and try to make it longer! I write down each book I read too and try to read more pages each year